Holistic Dentistry

We have a whole health approach to dentistry and our patients overall wellbeing is our main focus.

We work closely with our patients to assist in achieving optimal outcomes and the holistic approach is specifically tailored to our patients individuals needs and wants. 

Holistic services can include but are not limited too:

Preventative services, excluding the use of products such as flouride at the patients request

Removal of amalgam restorations 

Cerec technology in providing patients with same day ceramic restorations that are free from 'heavy metals'.

In addition we have the latest in technology allowing our dentist to utilise the patient’s own concentrated growth factors or Platelet Rich Plasma in various treatments such as: restoring gum recession, to aid healing after extrctions, as well as for the use in more aesthetic treatments like mirco-needling.

Please discuss your individual requirements with our dentists at your next appointment. 

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