Facial Threading (Non Surgical Facelift)

Facial Threading offers a non-surgical, injectable alternative to the traditional surgical facelift, whilst also having the potential of improving skin condition

Areas that can be treated using 'threads' include eyebrow lifting, cheek and mid-face lifting, lower face, jawline, jowl and neck lifting, nose to mouth lines, lip lines, marionette line reduction and generalised skin tightening and reconditioning of the entire face.

'Threads' are very fine synthetic fibres, made of a material that has been used safely and reliably in surgery for many years as 'stitches' to close wounds. The material, Polydioxanone, will dissolve over time to be completely eliminated from your body, usually after approximately 6 months, although you will see the results of Facial Threading for up to 2 years, depending on the nature of the treatment provided. 

How it works:

Your specially qualified dental professional at Cairns Family and Cosmetic Dental Group will assess and discuss your concerns. After diagnosis, your dentist will decide the best thread and placement to achieve your desired results, and local anaesthetic will be applied to the skin surface to help avoid discomfort. The thread will then be placed in the skin using a disposable cannula or micro-needle. Treatment times will vary depending on the level of treatment required, but is usually between 30-60 minutes, with no down-time after the procedure. If you receive a 'lifting' treatment using threads, you will see immediate results after the procedure, with continued improvement for the next 2-3 months. 

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